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At Richfield Christian Fellowship we value intergenerational relationships and know that children are an essential part of the church (not the church of tomorrow, but the church today!)


We believe that teaching kids about Christ and shepherding them in their faith is one of the most important tasks that families and their churches can collaborate on. Because of this, our Kids' Ministry team works hard to make children feel welcome, safe and valued. We do this through a variety of programs, events and of course, a service just for kids on Sundays.

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Pastor Brittany

Sunday Kids Zone:

Children always start their Sunday morning in the sanctuary joining everyone together in worship.

After worship and prayer (and a few announcements) children in preschool through to grade 6 will be dismissed to the lower level of our church for a service catered to their age and development.


For the summer we will be offering programming for kids in preschool through to grade 3. 

To register your children please click here to do so:



*We are committed to the safety and protection of all vulnerable people, especially our children.

Richfield Christian Fellowship follows a child protection policy which includes screening, criminal

record check and training of each volunteer and staff member on our team. If you have any

questions about abuse prevention standards or any other questions about our programs please

don't hesitate to reach out to Pastor Brittany (".

Do you want to work in our Kid Zone as a volunteer? Click button to fill in our form!

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